The Best Mobile WiFi Hot Spots for International Travel

The one essential ingredient to a successful career working remotely is a strong internet connection. If you’re traveling while working, or spending extended periods of time in an exciting international city, you’re dead in the water without strong mobile WiFi. It’s incredibly important to find the best hot spots for international travel and remote work opportunities.  

Turning a device into a mobile hot spot for international travel

A WiFi hot spot should travel with you everywhere you go. | Submitted by Rachel Novosad

WiFi is the key to life when it comes to working remotely. Without it, you’re nowhere. When you’re traveling, it is easy to waste a lot of time running around looking for a strong connection in order to do your work. To avoid that, be prepared and know where to find the best WiFi connections wherever you are. Here’s a rundown of some of the best WiFi options:

Always Online Wireless

When traveling internationally, a good option is Always Online Wireless. It’s a prepaid 4G world SIM card that you can use on any unlocked device. You can buy individual plans based on what country you’re in and how much usage you require, and the SIM will jump from carrier to carrier based on who has the best signal. 

Google Fi

This WiFi project from Google lets users stay connected in over 250 countries worldwide. Google Fi service also jumps from network to network no matter where you are, so you are good to go from the moment you step off the plane. Using your phone as a mobile hotspot with Google Fi allows you to work with confidence from many locations. 


Pick up an international SIM card from WorldSIM, and you’re set to travel the world with plenty of data. It’s a prepaid international plan that gives you freedom from roaming and overage charges. 

Specialized hotspot devices for working remotely

These devices will allow you to work from anywhere … even in the middle of nowhere. | Submitted by Hannah Ballard

Another great option is to purchase a WiFi hotspot device. These travel with you and give you a strong WiFi connection no matter where you are. You don’t have to find or rely on anyone else’s WiFi connection, you’ve got your own in your pocket. 


Their bright orange, circular device connects up to five devices, and you pay only for what you use. Skyroam’s Solis device offers travelers unlimited data, global coverage, and no roaming charges. You can pick up your 4G global WiFi hotspot and power bank at one of Skyroam’s 500 retail locations around the world or order it online. Charge your gadgets and get a blazing hot connection wherever you are. 

TEP Wireless

A pocket-sized personal WiFi hotspot named Teppy could become your favorite new traveling companion. This device from TEP Wireless lets smartphones, tablets, and laptops stay connected in over 100 popular travel destinations. To make things even more economical, you can rent a Teppy for the duration of your trip instead of purchasing it outright.  


This company offers both WiFi hotspot devices and international SIM cards. KeepGo‘s devices start at $99 and offer super fast internet connection wherever you are in the world. Their pocket-sized device lets you enjoy a secure connection with no data roaming charges. KeepGo can connect up to 16 devices including phones, laptops, and tablets. 

Roaming Man

This device offers a powerful 4G WiFi hotspot device that works based on one daily flat rate. Roaming Man gives international travelers and workers convenience and freedom. The device offers unlimited data usage with no contracts or subscriptions. Simply buy the device, select your plan, and hit the road. 

With a strong WiFi connection, you can work anywhere in the world. These are just a few of the best hot spots for international travel and remote work opportunities. A good WiFi connection is your key to success in the new worldwide gig economy. 

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