These Major Remote Work Pros Will Make You Rethink Your Office Job

Have you considered ditching your office job and trading it in for a home office, but aren’t sure if you’re ready to take the leap? Maybe you’re worried you won’t like it, or maybe you think you don’t have what it takes to stay motivated without the demands of an office. Changing jobs, or just changing your work environment can be scary, but these remote work pros will completely have you rethinking your office job.

Working from home gives you greater flexibility

We’ve talked to a lot of people who work from home and one of the top benefits that comes up over and over is greater flexibility. Camilo Luna works as a web developer for Bitnation and is based out of Colombia. He says that some of the biggest pros of working from home are schedule flexibility, travel flexibility, and fewer transportation and work expenses.

What does Camilo do with the freedom that comes from working from home? He can practice transcendental meditation, take a morning bike ride, and go for a run whenever the day’s weather is at it’s best.

Ever dreamt of working from a campsite? Why not? | Submitted by Nadia Steinbrecher

It allows for a better work-life balance

Nate Smith owns his own law firm. While Nate works from the office on occasion, he tries to get out of the office as often as he can. But where does he work when he’s not in the office? From his camper van, of course!

Nate lists his favorite parts of working remotely as travel flexibility and better work-life balance. When he’s not working from the office, he and his wife packs up their two labradors and hit the road. If he ever needs to get away from the stress of work, Nate and his crew go surfing or take a bike ride.

When you work remotely, your office can be anywhere

Wanna know a common theme among our remote work pros? They work all over the world.

Missy Davies runs a Facebook ad company and calls Bologna, Italy her home. Missy says she loves to work at the local coffee shop. And when there’s a lull in her work day, she enjoys walking around Bologna’s historic city center.

Shauna Gordon works from her home office in Columbus, Ohio, but when she needs a change of scenery, she packs up her things and heads to her local coffee shop or a nearby Italian cafe.

Missy working from Italy| Submitted by Missy Davies

The office politics don’t exist at home

If you’re tired of the office politics and gossip, or just aren’t much of a people-person, working remotely might be perfect for you. Both Shauna and Missy say that working from home means a less stressful environment. Wendy Pochop agrees, and says that working from home allows her to eat healthier because she’s not eating out so much.

Wendy is also able to arrange her schedule so that she can work when she is most productive. She finds that afternoons are when she thrives. She says that the afternoon light creates the perfect cozy space to complete her client calls.

If you have considered ditching the office for a more flexible lifestyle, check out our Rolling Remote series. Thousands of people have taken control over their work environment and found a solution that makes them more productive, happier, and simply enjoying life. What are you waiting for?

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