5 Happy Little Things You Get to Do When You Work From Home

Working from home has so many amazing perks! From creating your own schedule to making your beach vacation your mobile office space, working remotely allows you so many more freedoms than that of a traditional 9-to-5, brick-and-mortar employment opportunity. When you work from home you get to have much more balance between your work and home life than many people do. 

So, enjoy all the little things you get to do when you work at home. Walk your dog. Stay in your pajamas and bask in your remote working glory. 

5 little things you get to do when you work from home

Your laundry

We know this sounds mundane, but having a few spare moments to toss in a load of laundry is such a luxury. A typical adult has to squeeze in all their “adulating” in the few hours between the end of their work day and bedtime. When you make your home your office, you are able to utilize some down time that you otherwise wouldn’t have. 

Consider even, using your laundry routine as a self timer. You know your standard wash cycle takes about 55 minutes to complete its course, use that time to work steadfastly on your work tasks. When the cycle is up, take a break, grab some coffee and toss your clothes in the dryer. Then, you’ve got about an hour of work time before those clothes need to be folded. Use laundry folding as your next break and marathon work for the next hour. You’ll soon develop a routine that lets you maximize your time at home

Speaking of coffee …

Your home, your snacks

Working at home lets you eat and drink in a way that is best for you. While working in an office setting, you may be limited to snacking in the faculty room or drinking cheap staff long coffee. At home, you can snack at your desk, prepare healthy tidbits to munch on and only brew your favorite coffees. 

Eating in general becomes a happier thing when you work from home. You can make a fresh salad, or a hot lunch in your own kitchen. You could even choose to meet a group of friends for lunch because your time is your own. 

Exercise at will

When you make your own schedule you get to decide where your priorities lie. If you want to spend your lunch break taking a neighborhood stroll you can do it, and you also don’t have to be back before your boss notices you’re missing! Additionally, you can schedule in a mid day trip to the gym, an at home sweat sesh or a community workout class. Working out throughout your day is a great way to loosen up after a stressful week, take a brain break from intense deadlines, and allow your creativity to return before you get back to the grind. 

Or, don’t exercise. Use that time to soak up some vitamin D and just spend some time outdoors. Both ideas are good for your health. 

Set your own alarm

If you don’t function well before 8 a.m. you don’t have to. One of the beautiful things about working from home is you get to set your own hours. So, wake up with the sun or wake up naturally when you feel refreshed. It’s totally up to you. 

You can also work as late as you want, without making anyone wait around for you to get home from work. Your roommates or significant other won’t have to worry where you are when you work late, and you dinner never needs to be left in the oven to stay warm! 

A little privacy

Let’s be real. People like to use the restroom, at home. No one likes to be required to perform those “duties” in a public space. While working from home may get a little lonely at times, you’ll appreciate that alone time when you get to use your own private bathroom. 

Along with that privacy, you can work in your pajamas if you so choose. You can work with the sniffles and not get your coworkers sick. You can choose to have a no-pants day if it strikes your fancy because your home office is your personal haven. 

Life is good when you can work remotely. Make sure you regularly take advantage of all the little perks that come along with working from home. 

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