Tips for Working Remotely With Kids Running Around

Working from home can save you time and money. It can also help reduce stress and create better work-life-balance. If you’re a parent, working from home can be life-changing.

Many parents have to choose between staying home with their kids or sending them off to daycare. Working remotely can merge the best of both worlds. You can watch your kids grow and learn, but you’ll still need to get your work done.

It can sometimes be difficult to find a good routine. Some days might feel completely unproductive. Others might workout like a dream. We have tips to help you navigate working remotely with kids running around.

Communicate clearly

It is important to communicate with your spouse, your children, and your colleagues about your expectations ahead of time. If you’re working from home, make sure your boss is fine with the occasional child popping in on Monday meetings.

Higher some help

It might be a good idea to higher a babysitter. If you find that you are unable to get the job done as well as you need, get help. Even a part-time sitter can make a big difference.

Work in the playroom

If you mind yourself constantly checking on your kids, you might want to move your desk to where all the action is. Setting up a small workspace in the playroom could make things easier. Plus, you’ll be spending more time watching them grow and play.

Schedule around naps

If your little ones take an afternoon nap, you might want to plan meetings at that time. If you have reports and projects due, nap time should give you the quiet time you need to get it done.

Rotate toys and games

Make sure your kids don’t get tired of their toys and games. Separate all of their toys into several large totes. Put all but one tote up in storage, the garage, or the attic. Once they start to get bored with the current tote, put it up and swap it with another tote.

Get bottles ready before meetings

Working remotely with a baby can have its perks. You get to watch them grow-up without missing all the amazing milestones they go through in the first couple of years. If your baby’s are still using bottles, have them ready before meetings and important phone calls. This will help keep them calm and quiet.

Take breaks to play

The whole point of working from home is to have better balance. You might have to work, but your family still wants your attention. Make sure you make time to play. Sit on the ground with your kids and bond. Go on mid-morning scavenger hunts, build with Legos, or have a tea party. Just take a break from work and play.

Plan everything ahead of time

It can get chaotic at times when your schedule and your children’s schedule collide. Make sure you plan it all out. Doctors appointments, meetings, deadlines, and school pickup need to be planned out ahead of time. While you’re at it, plan for a little wiggle room just in case anything unplanned comes up.

Keep a good balance

If you start feeling like your work life and home life are playing tug of war, you may need to take a step back. Think about ways that you can make them work together.  Some days you might need to stop working and take the kids to the park. Get back to work when they go to sleep. You might need to work the occasional weekend. Whatever you need to do to find more balance is worth trying out.

Let kids be kids

Sometimes you need to give up some control and let your kids be kids. Give them something messy to play with, build a fort, or make homemade slime. You might even be able to get more work done while they make a mess. Of course, you will have a mess to clean up, but they will be smiling from ear to ear. Isn’t that one of the perks to remote work?

As more and more people start working from home, parents are going to need to find clever ways to make it work. Some days will be harder than others. Above all else, remember that you get to share your time with the kids and that makes working from home awesome. 

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