Tools That Allow You to Run Your Business From Anywhere in the World

Starting a business and being able to run it from anywhere on the planet is more than possible nowadays thanks to the evolution of technology. While you likely already knew that, you’re maybe lost on what the best tools are since so many exist.

It’s time to get more focused on what technology you might need and what you might have missed if you’re currently running a business remotely.

Take a few minutes to see what’s out there to make business tasks easier, no matter the industry you’re in.

1. 4K live streaming video cameras

If you’ve worked with live streaming technology recently, you already know how advanced it’s become. Using it for a business rather than play is a whole different experience and requires cameras capable of higher definition.

Cams with 4K capability are becoming far more affordable now. One of the best 4K live cameras on the market is reportedly the Logitech BRIO. While this does cost a little more than others out there, sometimes investing in the best will give you a higher ROI overall.

Consider if you have to interact with customers regularly, having a live 4K streaming camera will be very beneficial. The higher clarity will make it feel like you’re right there in the same room with your clients.

Similarly, when making presentations to associates or investors, you’ll want to make sure they see every detail of your charts and graphs.

2. Business software for mobile devices

You’ll want to make a list of the best remote software available to run your business while on the go. Platforms like Basecamp for project management, Dropbox for secure file sharing, and HootSuite for social media management are a good top three.

It’s also a good idea to invest in a CRM like SalesForce or HubSpot so you can deal with customer relationship management at home or anywhere you are.

Many of these platforms are available in streamlined mobile versions that are easy to download and start using immediately on a tablet. Just be sure you always have a reliable WiFi connection. There could be times when you’re interacting with a customer and experience WiFi outages if driving or walking in outlying areas.

In the chance you think this could happen, always communicate with customers at home where you have fast internet service. This is very important if you’re working as a software developer, a marketer, or in sales.

3. Using a third-party logistics partner

Yes, the freedom of running a business from anywhere in the world is certainly liberating. Nevertheless, when the reality hits of having to ship items from your home to a customer, logistics could become a nightmare.

Logistics are always easier when based squarely in the U.S., but not always. When having to send overseas, things can potentially get messy.

You’re really better off hiring a third-party logistics company to avoid mistakes. Companies like Freightos and Fulfillment By Amazon are now mainstream choices many at-home businesses use. Their track records are also pristine.

4. A portable standing desk

A standing desk is the best in office furniture design. As simple as the concept is, it’s helped many people be able to work from remote locations and run a business without sitting all day.

Considering sitting is one of the worst things you can do for your health, we highly recommend finding a standing desk that’s also portable. When you have one you can take with you for travel, you can set it up in a hotel room or in any other location you choose. Technically, you could even set one up in a park if you don’t have distractions from people around you.

A Refold Cardboard Standing Desk is one we highly recommend since it’s easy to fold and very portable to place anywhere.

Contact some of your business friends and let them know the tools you’ve discovered in running your business remotely. Doing so creates higher productivity and improves health as remote work becomes more mainstream.

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