Best Places to Travel and Work Remotely in International Cities

Whether you’re on your first international work-cation or are an experienced digital nomad, there’s guaranteed to be a period of adjustment after you arrive in a new city–especially when that new city is in a new country.

Whether you’re traveling in the US or internationally, the first couple days are all about scoping out your new neighborhood, orientating yourself, and, most importantly, finding a couple solid work spots.

To make your transition easier, we’ve crowd-sourced international work spots from our tribe of experience remote workers. We’ve got quiet coworking spaces for deep concentration and social coffeeshops for relaxed work days.

Paris, France

A little espresso, a little work | Courtesy Remoter Staff

Paris has an active cafe culture, but people usually sit, order a coffee, and either read, people watch, or chat. A cafe might look welcoming, but there’s a chance you’ll get the evil eye if you bust out your laptop and ask for the WiFi password.

We recommend Cafe Craft in the 10th arrondissement or one of Anticafe‘s 14 locations in Paris. The latter operates like a drop-in coworking spot, so expect to pay around 5 Euros an hour or 17 Euros for the day.

If you’re outside Paris and need a quiet spot to set up, Damien recommends one of La Maison du Coworking‘s nine locations across France.

Cape Town, South Africa

A work day in Cape Town sounds nice right about now. | Submitted by Rachel Novosad

Rachel has spent plenty of time in Cape Town. In her Rolling Remote profile, she shared some of her favorite work spots. At the top of her list is Motherland Coffee Company, which has a great mission and fair trade coffee, and Truth Coffee Roasting, which was hailed the best coffee shop in the world by the Daily Telegraph.

For more focused work, she suggests a membership with Cartel House.

Prague, Czech Republic

There’s nothing quite like working among the castles and ancient bridges of Prague. Our favorite casual works spots are La Bohème Café and EMA espresso bar. If you have a day packed with calls and can’t work in a coffeeshop atmosphere, our Remoter Rachel suggests K10 Coworking.

Brussels, Belgium

If you visit Brussels, you’re likely there for the food. So don’t skimp when it comes to your coffee shop work spot. My Little Cup has excellent croissants while Kaffabar is hailed for their coffee. You can always take a quick (and free) tour of Brussels on your lunch break. We recommend Sandeman’s free walking tour.

Melbourne, Australia

If you make it to Australia, there will be no shortage of good coffee and cozy coffee shops, but our Remoter Hannah recommends stopping by TwoSpace (they offer a free, one-week membership) where you can work from the company’s four converted workspaces around Melbourne.

For a female-only take on the coworking space, swing by One Roof, a women’s only coworking space.

Mexico City, Mexico

Searching out warmer climates? Mexico City might be just what you need. The city has a vibrant, up-and-coming remote work scene.

Becca recommends Publico Coworking, while Leilani suggests Tierra Garat in the Roma area for their amazing tea selection.

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is a city full of vibrant colors, new smells, and busy life. If you need a break from the madness, grab your laptop and hideout at the Cafe du Livre. You can sip on coffee while you work, or take a break to explore the library. If you want a true Morocco experience, swing by the Henna Cafe. In addition to offering drinks and food, you can join a henna class or an Arabic lesson.

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