US Cities With the Highest Number of Remote Workers

Telecommuting has numerous benefits. The flexible schedule is perfect for stay-at-home parents, travel enthusiasts, and college students. There are no “office politics,” and remote workers are in charge of their own productivity and pay–which means there is no glass ceiling or set number of work hours each week. If someone wanted to make some extra cash by putting in some overtime, no problem. 

The ability to work anywhere is a great benefit and the fact that full-time and part-time telecommuter positions are on the rise shows that America’s population is paying attention. Some cities, however, have latched on to the idea a bit more fully than others. These US cities have the highest number of remote workers.

6. McKinney, Texas

McKinney has been called a “mid-sized city with a small town feel,” and that is largely thanks to numerous parks, recreation areas, and other “small town” charms. This city boasts a highly educated population, with almost half of the adult population having obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher. The poverty level sits at just under eight percent, and 11.9 percent of McKinney’s adult population works remotely. This places McKinney sixth on the list of cities with the most remote workers. 

If you look around, remote workers are everywhere. | Submitted by Damien Housseau

5. Roseville, California

Roseville is a large metropolitan area about 20 miles outside of Sacramento. The city boasts two-thirds of the entire population of Placer County. Yet, amazingly, the poverty levels have remained remarkably low at less than ten percent of the population. This is primarily thanks to large corporations situated in the area. Outside of corporations like Hewlett-Packard, however, 12.2 percent of the population has chosen to telecommute for better (or different) job opportunities. 

4. Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale is the perfect place for someone with a flexible schedule to earn a living. The city, located 12 miles outside of Arizona’s capital of Phoenix, boasts plenty of breathtaking natural beauty, relaxing spas, great golf courses, and a happening nightlife. This definitely contributes to the 12.5 percent of Scottsdale’s population that works remotely. As with most other cities on this list, Scottsdale has a highly educated population, with over 50 percent having a college education.

Pull up a chair (or booth) in your favorite coffeeshop | Submitted by Samantha Urioste

3. Boulder, Colorado

The town of Boulder, Colorado is a city of duality. With 78.2 percent of the population having a bachelor’s degree or higher, it is considered one of the most highly educated cities in the country. The 23.4 percent poverty rate, however, and incredibly low median income of around $66,000, however, tells a different story for what has been dubbed “The Happiest Town in America.” The high poverty rate paired with high levels of education make this one of the perfect cities for remote workers. Hence, why it made number three on our list.

2. Frisco, Texas

Frisco is a little town situated 24 miles north of Dallas, where 13.7 percent of the population works remotely. The poverty rate is only 4.8 percent, which is significantly lower than the national average, and the average median income is approximately $122,302. The town also boasts a largely educated population, with over 60 percent of residents having obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher.

1. Carlsbad, California

Carlsbad is located about 35 miles north of San Diego, in San Diego County. Telecommuters have plenty of things to do when they need a day off, because the town is in close proximity to both beaches and mountains. With 15.1 percent of the population telecommuting, Carlsbad has more remote workers than any other US city. 

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