In a Rut? 6 Ways to Dive Back Into Your Remote Work

Sometimes when you work from home you simply hit a wall. Working remotely certainly has its share of challenges and distractions which can keep even the most dedicated remote worker from hitting their deadlines and making their goals. This can be particularly difficult when you work from home because there is no one you can ask for support, no desk mate to remind you to stay on task or bounce ideas off. You’re on your own. 

What do you do when you’re in a rut but really need to get back to work? 

Adjust your attitude

If you’re in a workplace rut, there is a good chance your attitude is the problem. Sometimes you have to figure out how to think positively about the situation because workplace burnout is a real thing, other times you just have to suck it up and power through.

Whatever the case, sometimes when you need to revamp your attitude a few minutes of self-care will do the trick. Think about just a five-minute attitude adjustment. Set an alarm on your phone and choose something quick that will make you feel better about your day. 

  • Brush your teeth, use a refreshing mouthwash, and apply good lip balm. This can often be enough to make us feel energized and a little pampered. It’s also a cue for our brains that we’re starting the day, or starting the day over. 
  • Apply a great moisturizer to your hands. Massage the muscles and stretch your fingers. Revitalizing sore hands when they have been spending the day doing computer related tasks can jump start your mood. 
  • Diffuse some oils. Aromatherapy has been proven to increase mood and productivity. 
  • Open the blinds and spend a few minutes just looking at the outdoors. Or better yet, go stand on your porch or patio. Practice meditation or simply enjoy the sounds of the day. 
  • Pour yourself a fancy glass of cold water. Add fruit or cucumbers or mint, and enjoy how pretty it looks as you hydrate. 
  • Take off your shoes and massage your feet. A good way to do this is to keep tennis balls under your desk to revive circulation in your toes and help you feel good, too. 

Redesign your office space

This remote workspace features an antique table with laptop, notebooks, and headphones surrounded by various houseplants.
Give your home office some love | Submitted by Jess Bolluyt

Rearrange your furniture and turn on some lights. This can quickly make you feel like you’re in a brand new office and maybe even feel like you’ve started a new job. You can even swap out your traditional home office desk for a new standing desk, which will give you the opportunity to move around a bit while you work. Changing out some of the decor or splurging on that new gadget you’ve been wanting can help you feel like your job is fun again. 

Redo your routine

If you start every day with two cups of coffee and an hour browsing Instagram, maybe it’s time to try a new morning routine. Consider starting the day with a workout and a tall glass of water. Maybe a just a neighborhood stroll will help you get out of your funk. Responding to email first thing is helpful for many remote workers because it helps contribute to a feeling of accomplishment. Checking things off your to do list early in the day can make you feel capable of completing many more tasks. 

Change your perspective

Sometimes your opinion of your workload, your performance, and your career is all in your head. Try to look at the situation from someone else’s point of view. How does your employer feel about your job? What does a client really want? How many others wish they had the opportunity to work from home? 

If thinking through the problem doesn’t help you get back to work, you might try literally changing your perspective. Looking at a task from another location can be helpful too. Get out of your office and try working from the library or a favorite cafe. 

Dance it out

Turning on your favorite tunes and getting lost in music for a few minutes can be uplifting and energizing. Sometimes a good song can turn your mood completely around. When all else fails, dance it out. Get your blood pumping and then tackle your next task. 

Outline your goals

Its probable that whatever took your mind off of work, is still on your mind. If you’re looking to get your workplace groove back, you’re going to have to dig deep. 

Work on getting your mind back to your present goals by writing out everything you hope to accomplish in the upcoming week or month. Reassess what is important will help you get back into the swing of things. Consider participating in personal or professional development opportinutes to help you get closer to reaching your goals. 

You’ll be back in the driver’s seat with your career and out of your rut in no time. 

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