8 Ways to Make Your Home Office More Comfortable

Since you work remotely, your home office doesn’t have to reflect the 9-5 cubicle lifestyle so many full time workers have to endure. You can infuse your space with things that are cozy, comfortable, and make you happy. It’s just one of the benefits of working from home — if you plan to work full time, you might be spending 40 hours a week in there. You might as well make it a place you really enjoy, right?

Lamps, lamps and more lamps

If you can, monopolize on natural light, but also supplement the sun with as many lamps as you can. Use warm light bulbs for ambient light around the exterior of your room, and have brighter task lighting on hand as well. The warm light will make your space feel cozy, while the bright light can help you to focus and see your work clearly. 

Remember to use:

  • warm light bulbs
  • both floor and desk lamps
  • natural light
  • overhead lighting
  • lamps that have character or fit your decor theme

Incorporate plants, too

Jess Bolluyt working remotely at laptop in open area loft
Green space in your office matters! | Submitted by Jess Bolluyt

Add some greenery to boost your mood and give your space a homey feel. Plants have the ability to not only clean the air, but also make your space seem vibrant and alive. By putting just a few plants into your home office you instantly change the mood of the room. 

Invest in a great chair

Buy that fancy ergonomic office chair. Get the cool exercise ball to sit on. Splurge on the massage cushion. If you’re going to be sitting for long periods of time you don’t want to be using just any old desk chair. Go ahead and get something great. Your back and neck will thank you. 

Have other places to sit 

A cozy armchair, or reading nook lined with pillows gives you a break from sitting at your desk, and makes your entire office seem more welcoming. It’s easy to add comfort when you add furniture because you can choose items that have plush fabrics, or add a comforting blanket to an otherwise boring chair. 

You could additionally add another workspace at a different height or size than your desk. Maybe a round table will offer you more space to spread out, or a standing desk can help to alleviate any back pain from sitting all day. 

Put your coffee pot in there

Or any other items that are going to make your space more convenient for you. If you have a small fridge, use that in your office as well. There is nothing better than having a cool beverage at arms reach. Except for maybe an unlimited supply of hot coffee. 

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Other items you may want in your office to make you comfortable:

  • all your chargers and extra cables 
  • electric tea kettle
  • music speakers
  • French press
  • cup warmer
  • small microwave
  • portable speakers
  • desk fan
  • lotion and other pampering items

Infuse something nice

Use a scented oil diffuser to cleanse the air, or add a fragrance you enjoy. Various oils are said to help with concentration, energy, and uplifting your mood. 

Control the temperature

One of the best things about working in your own home is that you get to decide what the temperature is. Putting a small space heater under your desk may not be allowed in a large office building, but there are no such rules in your home. Adjust the thermostat to a temperature that makes you the most comfortable and don’t hesitate to kick it up or down as the day changes. You can also make sure to have a small fan to circulate air, or even heated slippers to wear while you work! 

Decorate with your personality in mind

Throw pillows, soft rugs, thought-inspiring art: All of these items will contribute to the feel of comfort in your space. Be creative with your space and you might just find you’ve created your favorite room in the house.