5 Ways Working Remotely Improves Health

For many people, working remotely sounds like a dream. If you’re stuck working in a traditional office or cubicle setting, you might spend a good portion of your day thinking about the clock. You might feel resentful that you’re stuck inside on a bright sunny day. That’s no way to spend 40 hours a week.

Working remotely from virtually anywhere with a WiFi connection and still getting paid to do it can be your reality. As more young adults flood the workplace, this dream will become more commonplace.  

On top of being able to choose your surroundings, working remotely can also come with many benefits for both the employee and employer. People who are concerned about their health might will find remote work offers more than great financial benefits.

1. Working remotely improves health by reducing stress

It’s hard to be stressed when you’re working outside. | Submitted by Hansa Devi

You know that feeling when your heart starts to beat faster, and you finally admit to yourself you are going to be late. You start thinking about the best excuse to give your boss, but all you really want to do is turn the car around and crawl back into bed. Yeah, stress is a big problem for our health. Running late, meetings with the boss, and traffic are all big stressors these days.

It makes sense then that cutting all these out, can make a big difference in a person’s health both physically and mentally. Working from home can also improve your work-life balance, which in turn lowers stress too. 

2. Plan your work schedule around healthy choices

The number one reason people give for not exercising is not having enough time. Think about a traditional work schedule. Now, think about the commute to and from work. For some, the commute alone can be an hour or more one way. 

According to Mayo Clinic, we should aim for 75-150 minutes of aerobic exercise weekly. They also recommend at least two days of strength training.

If you could cut out your commute altogether, you would have more than enough time to hit the gym. You could also rebuild old relationships, plan your meals, or sit and meditate. 

3. Working remotely increases autonomy

You’re in charge of your own success. | Submitted by Emily Sellers & Wheeler Juell

Autonomy (noun): Independence or freedom, as of the will or one’s actions.

When you no longer have a boss who’s trying to micro-manage your time, you are forced to manage yourself. After a while, you start getting in the swing of things, and your confidence increases. 

By increasing one’s own autonomy, a person starts to see how their choices affect themselves, their health, and all the people around them. They start to feel better about their life because they know they are in control of it. 

4. More time to sleep in or take an afternoon nap

If the alarm clock is your arch nemesis, remote work might be for you. Our bodies were not designed to wake up that way. We were designed to get up with the sun. 

For many people, the number one hurdle in their fight to get healthy is lack of sleep. According to WebMD, when we are well-rested disease risk drops, memory improves, and we are nicer to be around. Sleepy people are grumpy. If you work from home, and you need more sleep, you can plan your work schedule accordingly. 

5. Eat lunch from your kitchen, not a drive-thru

Make your favorite restaurant foods at home| Submitted by Remoter Staff

A big complaint about trying to get healthy revolves around food. Working at a traditional job can come with temptations that might cause weight gain. How many fast food places do you pass on the way to work every day? What about the fact that it’s always somebody’s birthday at the office and of course there’s cake. And, why are there always donuts at Monday meetings?

Working remotely can improve your health if you eat your meals from home. Homemade foods are less likely to be laced with added sugars and salt. Plus, eating at home costs less than eating out.

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